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Apache Attack Helicopters take off for Estonia

Operation CABRIT the former Defence secretary bid farewell to Army aviators as they took off for estonia, where they will be training alongside NATO forces working to reassure our allies and deter our adversaries. 3 Regiment Army Air Corps deployed […]

EX Talon Python

never underestimate how many working parts there are to an exercise. Let alone an exercise where a whole Logistics brigade, two squadrons of Apache helicopters, a squadron of Wildcat and a Regimental Headquarters element deploy into the field. Unencountered problems […]

Apache Attack Helicopters Make Arctic Debut

the British Army’s potent Apache attack helicopters are making their flying debut inside the Arctic circle. Facing temperatures dropping to -27°C and white-out flying conditions, 656 Squadron 4 Regiment Army Air Corps is taking part in Exercise Clockwork at Bardufoss […]

7 Aviation Support – Battalion REME

71 Aviation Company Cpl Hess: After a very busy 2018 that saw 71 Company deploy on two Ex LIGHTNING FORCE’s and Ex CRIMSON EAGLE for three months, 2019 has started right where 2018 left off. The main effort for the […]

Wattisham and the Great escape

Heritage Corner March 2019 saw the 75th anniversary of the Great Escape from Stalag Luft 111, in 1944. One of RAF Wattisham’s own, Flt Lt Edgar Spottiswood Humphreys was one of the men to escape, be re-captured and executed by […]

7 Aviation Support Battalion REME

Ex LIGHTNING FORCE Capt Gwynn-Cousins Ex LIGHNING FORCE 18B (Ex LF18B) is an aviation exercise aimed at qualifying Aircrew for Conversion to Role and gaining the initial qualifications for Attack Helicopter 30mm Live Firing. The exercise was conducted during October […]

Ex DRAGON ENDEAVOUR 4 AAC Workshop Adventure Training in Bavaria

On Sunday the 8 Jul 18, 25 Personnel including 4 instructors and admin staff, left Wattisham Airfield bound for Haus Magnus, Bavaria, Germany. We stopped in Sennelager for the night and a fair bit of driving later we all arrived […]


Support Groups Ex IRON PYTHON in Nov 18 saw the entirety of 3 Regt deploy on Exercise as a Battlegroup with 2 Apache and 1 Wildcat Squadron with the full Battle Group Support Group – the biggest Aviation Battle group […]

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