Seaview Regatta

The Army Air Corps Greville Edgcombe Seaview Regatta is an annual event which takes place around May and was held at the Seaview Yacht Club. The aim of the AAC Regatta is to support the development of sailing within the Corps.

I was asked if I would like to sail, as I’ve never done anything like this before, and I thought yeah why not give it a try! I was keen to find out about sailing as some of my mates were going away the following week to sail. As this was a Corps wide event near enough all of the regiments had representatives. The 2IC of 3 Regiment AAC, Major Nick Barton, took along myself and 6 Airtroopers to get more junior ranks involved in the sport.

My first impressions on the whole sailing experience were immediately swayed when we turned up to the yacht club. I was expecting little rowing boats that you see in the Lake District, I was wrong. We raced 18ft long mermaid boats with towering sails attached, it was quite a sight to see when racing. The accommodation was a whole new world in its self; it was like staying in Fawlty towers only without Basil Fawlty or Manuel.

The event itself was a two day competition consisting of 16 races. Unfortunately due to the weather we only managed to race 6 times. 2 of the races were abandoned due to low wind which was disappointing as my boat managed to gain the lead just as the race was called off. As the Regatta came to a close the race positions were revealed and 3 Regiment placed 1st in the inter Regiment race and 3rd in the whole Regatta, coming before 4 Regiment which made the win even more satisfying.
All in all the entire Regatta was a success and I’m eagerly anticipating next year’s event to compete again and hopefully place first overall. I’m very appreciative of this opportunity to go sailing and I’d recommend it to anyone, it’s definitely worth a try.

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