Exercise RACING ICE 2 Army Championships

SSgt Pervin RLC


My emotions were running high whilst travelling to Exercise Racing Ice 2, the Army Skeleton Championships, held at the Olympic track Igls in Innsbruck.  My first experience of Skeleton was over 10 years ago. I remember learning how to run and jump face-first onto the sled without coming out of the tracks or off the slide completely was challenging but I soon picked it back up, I suppose it’s like riding a bike. The event is quite scary but also offers pure thrills.

As a beginner, after walking the track, the first two slides were from the Damen.  I was beginning to ease back into the rush of adrenalin whilst trying to keep my helmet from scraping along the ice.  Two slides a day were physically and mentally strenuous, having to walk and learn the track for maximum speed.  As other competitors knew the track, they were in thoughtful conversation about split times and where to apply shoulder pressure in turns. On race day competitors were travelling at speeds of over 70 MPH. The scores were extremely close with gaps of seconds between competitors.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to participate in a winter sport. I wasn’t a winner, but loved the thrill of going down a dangerous steep track made out of concrete on a thin layer of ice and having the bruises to prove it was an achievement. I am now eagerly waiting for the next winter sports where I will be able to develop my skills and technique to participate again in the Army Championships.

SSgt Maria Purvin

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