The last few months have been a very active and exciting time for 72 Coy 7 Bn REME, having taken part in numerous exercises and company events.

Alongside the usual suspects such as the all year round task of providing equipment support at Wattisham Station and the now all to familiar Exercise CRIMSON EAGLE the company has been busy both at work and at play.

An invite from Lavenham Royal British Legion gave the company the opportunity to visit Hawker Restoration, based in Sudbury in October. We were greeted by a member of the team who showed us round the back of the grounds to a hangar where a Hurricane was in the final stages of being restored to its original state during the Second World War using original materials and construction methods. The level of detail the staff was able to give us on the history of the aircraft was immense and really brought the aircraft to life.

The workshop consisted of a mix between restored race cars from 50s to 70s, as well as custom built cars to replicate those for modern buyers. The visit was a must for any petrol head, be they fans of the cars themselves or just to gaze at the various engineering works being carried out on their engines and pick up a few tips along the way too.

The largest exercise the company has been involved with for quite some time was Ex Swift Response from the 17th Aug till 12th Sept 2015. This exercise was led by American forces in order to improve interoperability  between the USA and friendly European forces, drawing in air and ground assets from across Europe to build a force of over a thousand plus SF soldiers. Our purpose was to support 653 Sqn 3 Regt AAC, by providing an in depth repair facility to carry out larger jobs to support flying capability at Grafenwoehr training area.

Added excitement came when word that one of the cabs had been grounded in Holmesfeld training area, due to a split fuel tank. A team from 72 Coy was dispatched to the training area, and an assessment was made that the aircraft would have to be road moved back to the UK. An FRT was deployed to prepare the aircraft for road move, while the rest stayed behind to continue work at GTA.

All work and no play makes for a dull Company and so 72 Coy embarked on some Adventure training in Newquay, based out of RAF St Mawgan. The first day the company was split in to two groups, hill walking and mountain biking. Those who chose hill walking experienced a day walking on the cliffs and coastline, taking turns to lead the walk and practice map reading skills. Walkers were kept entertained by the stories and advice on how to make a successful YouTube channel by Cpl Pugh, with compulsory posing for pictures thrown in too.

Where as the mountain bikers had an adrenaline filled day racing round the country side, especially for Cpl Rowland who had a run in with an open mineshaft which was luckily covered with a grate!! The rest of the week was a rotation of groups each day who took part in canoeing, sea kayaking and rock climbing, coasteering and surfing. Canoeing was the preferred event for anyone who had been socialising the night before as it allowed either a relaxed coast down the river or even a freshen up after falling in trying to jump between canoes.

Sea kayaking had increased excitement compared to the canoeing as the rough sea added an extra edge. LCpl Larcombe and LCpl Riggal returned having discovered this, after being left stranded on top rocks when the sea suddenly disappeared from underneath them to everyone’s amusement. After a pub lunch, rock climbing would relax the day, climbing outside on a huge stone face called The Rock. Different routes were laid out for different abilities, with even the easiest leaving some shaking at the top.

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