4 Regt AAC AGC (SPS) Detachment Triple Crown Competition

The Triple Crown Competition (TCC) is an annual AGC event held at Worthy Down. The first competition was held on 5 June 1998 which consisted of a March and Shoot across a 5 mile cross country course with a series of Command Tasks and obstacles sited along the way.

The aim of the TCC as outlined by the Corps Colonel (Col Andy King AGC(ETS)) in his introductory statement in the competitors handbook said, “ the competition is aimed at promoting ‘esprit de corps’, deepening the ties between the Corps’ Branches and reflecting that we are all, first and foremost, soldiers.”
TCC has gone through an evolutionary process since its inception and as its stands currently, it consists of two separate elements; the 4 mile Military Skills, and a 12 mile March and Shoot Fire Teams with 4 members per fire team.

The detachment in 4 Regiment AAC fielded a March and shoot team. As with any competition a lot of preparation went into this. As part of a station wide preparation towards the competition, a similar challenge was held dubbed the Wattisham Crown led by personnel from 3AAC AGC (SPS) Det. Under the tutelage of our de facto Detachment PTI, Cpl Morris, training for the TCC began in earnest in mid-February and ended in first week in May. A carefully designed physical training regime was established, aiming to condition and mentally prepare the team towards the task ahead. Training consisted of long/short distance Tabs, free weights, sprints and the occasional circuit, culminating in a 12 mile Tab a week prior to the start of the competition. It’s also worth mentioning the immense support the Detachment had from Regimental Chain of Command. Our personnel viewed the entire training programme as an opportunity to team-build, whilst becoming physically prepared; hence our training schedule was widely supported by all.

All teams were expected to arrive a day before the competition to complete a pre-competition administrative work, safety brief and general information pertaining to the competition. The day began with an early breakfast as the event was scheduled to start at 0630hrs 11 May 16. We had the privilege of starting after mid-day, ensuring that we had plenty of rest prior to the event. Previous TCC have been characterised by bright and sunny conditions, however the 2016 competition was beset with rather murky conditions which presented additional challenges to the competitors. That said, the enthusiasm and morale of our team was very high, more so when, we learnt the event was to be witnessed by the Regimental Second in Command Maj Goodacre. The team was made up of Cpl Morris (Team Captain), Cpl Brett, LCpl Agyepong and
Pte Adama.
The March and Shoot teams were set off in groups of 4, with a 7 minute gap between start times. The route was mainly on tracks, interspersed with water stations, marshals and Emit markers. It was the responsibility of the Team Captain to navigate and lead their team around the route.
At the ranges, the safety staff briefed all competitors and we were marshalled forward to prepare for the shoot. The team was called forward to the 100m point and told to “Watch Out” on appearance of the Fig 12 target at a range of 100m. The team advanced onto the firing point “loaded” made “ready” and adopt a firing position to engage the target with up to 10rds. After the shoot we made our way back to camp to complete the course.
The prize giving took place after the final teams had completed the course with 14 Regt RA winning the march and shoot element of the competition. The overall winners of the march and shoot plus the military skills were Pers Admin Trg Wg which by chance seem to win the event year on year but I suppose it helps by working at Worthy Down.
The rest of the evening was rather laid back where personnel could enjoy a well-deserved pint or two and certainly more for others; lots of food to enjoy and the AGC band was in action to keep the personnel entertained.
Overall we were very pleased with our performance as we came 54th out of 114 competitive groups on the march, beating 3AAC our
arch rivals.

The TCC is undoubtedly an arduous competition, one that is set to test you both physically and mentally and at the same time promoting the Corps ethos of ‘soldier’s first’. It’s also a time to catch up with old friends and to make new ones.

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