In December 662 Sqn’s Ground Support Flight deployed on Ex OLETHRION CLAYMORE, their annual Basic Close Combat Skills exercise on STANTA.

The exercise covered basic soldiering skills before advancing onto FOB occupation and HLS RECCE, culminating in the rescue of two captured 662 Sqn aircrew in an urban warfighting scenario. It was the first field exercise since C-19 Lockdown and with live aircraft in play everyone was raring to go. On the crisp morning of day four, after a textbook set of orders from the GSF Commander (2Lt Macauley ‘Home Alone’ Ware), the GSF quietly inserted to the edge of an urban training village and launched like wolves into a two-up assault onto the village. The leadership of JNCOs and professionalism of every Air Trooper was in evidence as they pushed through the narrow streets and rat-runs towards the target compound, overcoming an adaptive and illusive enemy. With two Apaches and a Chinook operating in the area, section commanders put them to good use by calling in accurate Fire Control Orders, destroying enemy in-depth positions before setting about completing the final part of the rescue mission, the extraction. The GSF, having secured the aircrew, established an EHLS that allowed a CH-47 to land, and after a labouring CASEVAC (beset by waves of enemy becoming more akin to the undead in some horror film) the aircrew were flown to safety. The drive and determination of the GSF was great to see after a challenging year.

Sgt Thrower
662 Sqn Fuel SNCO