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Ex Titan Archer

Ex TITAN ARCHER was a back-to-basics exercise conducted by 664 Sqn on Salisbury Plain, predominantly aimed at Ground Support Flight (GSF) training. The exercise was conducted over 4 days where the ground crew were thoroughly put through their paces. Rapid […]

The Panto Bus Comes To Town

On Friday 1st December, British Forces Foundation (BFF) sent The Panto Bus to Wattisham Flying Station for the production of Sleeping Beauty. BFF prides itself on delivering top quality entertainment for the Armed Forces and they did not disappoint the […]

Ex Scarlet Exchange

On Tuesday 21 November 2017, five In Pensioners (IP) escorted by  Rupert Lucas, Captain of Invalids Number 1 Company, Royal Hospital Chelsea visited to view and be briefed on the Attack Helicopter Force.   The visit, aptly named Exercise SCARLET EXCHANGE, […]

Exercise Talon Defender

In September this year 3 Regiment AAC planned and conducted Exercise TALON DEFENDER.  An Attack Helicopter (AH) Regt level high threat Electronic Warfare (EW) Exercise alongside elements from 27 Sqn RAF, 1-3 ARB US Army and observers from 10th MD […]

Exercise Wild Stallion

On the 16th July, 663 Squadron deployed to STANTA training area, Thetford, for Ex Wild Stallion. The exercise was an opportunity for members of the Groundcrew, Signals and SQMS departments to employ everything that they had learned from the past […]

Trekking in Dolpa

Army Mountaineering Association Trip to Nepal 2017 The plane violently banked a steep left. Below us we could see aircraft parts, strewn all over the magnificent mountainside just before the runway appeared. A safe landing was far from guaranteed. Vomit […]

Exercise Dragon Climb

Exercise Dragon Climb was a climbing expedition held in the quarries around Lancashire for troops from 3 Regt AAC. The aim was to complete their rock climbing single pitch foundation (RSF) Course and further develop their climbing skills and knowledge. […]

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